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Total Reflexology

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Total Reflexology

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  • Pub. Date: March 2009
  • Publisher: Fall River Press
  • Format: Other Format , 192pp
  • Sales Rank: 22,536


Whether you'd like to improve your health or simply relax, Kevin and Barbara Kunz are here to help. Using innovative reflexology techniques developed over the course of more than twenty-five years of research and practice, Kevin and Barbara take you step-by-step through the various techniques and uses of reflexology, the practice of tapping into the body's natural healing power by applying pressure to areas on the feet and hands.
This easy-to-use guide will teach you how to
  • relax and rejuvenate your feet, hands, and body using the foot roller, reflex ball, and manual techniques
  • work reflexology into your daily life for overall better health
  • pinpoint the areas that will help such conditions as allergies, headache, insomnia, cramps, asthma, anxiety, and more
  • figure out which reflexology techniques are best for you
This kit contains everything you need to unlock the healing power of your body:
  • Comprehensive 192-page book covering each technique
  • Quick-reference laminated chart
  • Easy-to-use foot roller and reflex ball
  • Gloves and socks to help you pinpoint reflexology areas on your hands and feet

Total Reflexology for the Hands kit

Whether you'd like to improve your health or simply relax, reflexology experts Barbara and Kevin Kunz are here to help. Using innovative reflexology techniques, the authors take you step-by-step through the practice of tapping into your body's natural healing power by applying pressure to areas on your hands.
Kit includes:
  • instructional book
  • laminated hand chart
  • reflex ball
  • reflexology gloves

The Reflexology Path kit

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The Reflexology Path

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  • Pub. Date: September 2009
  • Publisher: Metro Books
  • Format: Other Format , 72pp


The easy way to happy feet and total-body wellness
Do your feet need a vacation? Give them a break using walking reflexology, which uses simple tools to break up the normal patterns of stress in your feet. Practiced in Asia for generations, this fun and easy form of reflexology has been scientifically proven to ease tired feet, improve posture and balance, help reverse the effects of aging, and uplift your mood.
  • The Reflexology Path instructional book
  • Cobblestone waking mat
  • Bamboo step
  • Foot reflexology chart

Complete Reflexology for Life

The complete book of reflexology use. Color-photo illustrated instructions guide you through foot reflexology and hand reflexology application: basic techniques, how to apply foot reflexology to yourself or another, how to apply hand reflexology to yourself or another, how to use self- help foot reflexology tools, how to use hand reflexology self-help tools. In addition, you'll find full session patterns for each. Fully illustrated instructions guide you through work with every stage of life including babies, children, teenagers, senior citizens, men women and pregnant women. Minisessions focus your efforts for recovery from injury, easing pain, first aid and relieving stress. Included are directions for soothing tired feet, yours or another's, as well as working to better foot concerns. Instructions to rejuvenate the hands and work with hand concerns are included as well. Also included are how to address: health concerns, systems of the body (e. g. the digestive system) and each body part listed on a reflexology chart (e.g stomach). (224 pages)

356 pages, DK Publishing

I have searched reflexology books for years and have purchased many. This is the best book on reflexology on the market! It includes both hands and feet with detailed descriptions and easy to follow healing techniques. The pictures make it easy to pinpoint locations on the feet and hands. Do not hesitate, this book is worth the purchase!!
Cathy Smith

The Kunz's have again produced a book that is colorful, easy to use and full of informattion with pictures and charts that are easy to follow. This book contains not only information for foot and hand reflexology, but I like the section on reflexology for every life stage especially. It gives the professional clear information for helping people where ever they are in life. They give clear instructions for self-help which I find helps the client become a partner with me as the reflexologist.
E. Sylvester

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Reflexology: Health at Your Fingertips

Reflexology: Health at Your Fingertips

The first fully illustrated guide on the ancient art of reflexology, this book explains how reflexology works pressure applied to "reflex" points on the hands and feet restore corresponding body parts by stimulating natural self healing powers and how to do it. Reflexology features step-by-step sequences, incredible photographic foot and hand reflex charts, and unique computer generated artworks to show which reflexes to press and which techniques to use. Reflexology is an invaluable guide for home users or reflexology students.

"I am a Certified Reflexology Practitioner. I just received this book...I LOVE IT. Great guide for teachers, students, practitioners and for those who wish to learn Reflexology for personal and family use. Informative and easy to grasp!" MH
"I borrowed this book from the local library and love it so much I am going to buy it. It is easy to read and understand with lots of pictures nd techniques to try. It covers areas for both hands and feet. I was interested in learning relexology for my own use after receiving a professional treatment. This book has helped me immensely." DH
"I'm very impressed with the number and quality of photos used in this book, no expense spared in it's production. It's a very useful guide and well written." LS

Hand Reflexology

 Complete description of hand reflexology with history, theory and benefits of reflexology. Howto color-photo illustrated instructions for basic techniques, working with another or oneself, and session patterns. Special chapters target health concerns and hand concerns. (160-pages)

  • Step-By-Step Photographs show complete routines for hand reflexology workouts plus tips and techniques

  • Hand Reflexology for specific health and hand concerns such as asthma and RSI conditions associated with everyday work

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