Monday, November 15, 2010

The Successful Reflexologist

The Successful Reflexologist

by Barbara and Kevin Kunz

Express Your Success!!!

Communicate what you and reflexology can do

The Successful Reflexologist tells you how in this incredible ebook.

50 pages of useful information helping you to build the business you desire...

I really appreciate all of your help and your wonderful brochures ~ they were received by the Cancer Institute here with great interest and I have been asked to be a member of their Integrative Program Planning Board.  I have no doubt that your cancer brochures were the greatest help in making that happen!- Jan Mariette

The Successful Reflexologist: I read it twice. Awesome!- Peter Clemens

Let others know about you! The Successful Reflexologist gets the word out:

  • Your business

  • What reflexology does

  • Your reflexology results

  • Reflexology results shown by research

  • How you're on the client's side, seeking healthful results

  • How you can get the postive attention you deserve from the medical community

  • Top Tips for the Successful Reflexologist

    From the Successful Reflexologist

    #1 After you're worked on one foot, ask the individual to get up and take a few steps. Ask if he or she notices a difference.
    #2 Follow up by drawing attention to the difference in color‹and thus circulation‹between the two feet. Ask if he or she notices a difference.
    #3 The day after the first session, call the client and ask how it went.
    #4 Don't leave home without them‹reflexology charts or brochures you can hand out to potential clients.
    #5 Good opening line for when someone expresses interest in reflexology: Have you tried reflexology?

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