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Medical Applications of Reflexology

Findings in Research about Safety, Efficacy, Mechanism of Action and Cost-Effectiveness of Reflexology (Revised)

Add credibility and validity to your work. Be knowledgeable about reflexology's research and effectiveness.
E-book, available electronically
82 pages

Table of Contents

I. Findings about Safety, Efficacy, and Cost-Effectiveness in Reflexology Research
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Safety
Efficacy (Twice as many pages) -Efficacy -Enhance use of medication -Avoid possible harmful use of medication
-Psychological effects -Drugs and surgery not effective -Effect on remote area to avoid discomfort
II. Mechanisms of Action
  • Mechanisms of Action Commonly Used to Describe the Effects of Reflexology
  • Findings about Mechanisms of Action in Reflexology Research
  • Research about Mechanisms of Action -Impact on Free Radicals (and Antioxidation) -Pilot Study: Paralysis -Testing Physiological Indicators: Baroreceptors and the Feet -Acupuncture Research Parallels -Reflexology and Endorphins
  • Scientific Evidence of Reflexology Effectiveness (Kidney function, Cervical spondylosis, Diabetes, Constipation , Uroshesis)
III. Controlled Studies in Reflexology
• Amenorrhea • Asthma • Bronchitis • Cancer (pain and nausea) • Cancer (quality of life) • Cancer (anxiety and pain) • Cardio-vascular system • Cerebral palsy • Cervical spondylosis • Constipation • Coronary heart disease • Diabetes • Diabetes • Diabetes (arterial blood flow) • Diagnosis • Diagnosis • Dyspepsia • Enuresis • Fatigue (in athletes)• Free radicals • Hyperlipimia • Hyperlipimia • Irritable bowel syndrome • Kidney function • Kidney and ureter stones (pain) • Kidney stone (recovery from lithotrity) • Leukopenia • Menopause • Menopause • Mental retardation (diagnosis) • Mental retardation (social abilities) • Migraine headache • Milk secretion in new mothers • Multiple sclerosis •
Neurodermatitis • Pain (chronic lower back) • Pneumonia (infantile) • Pneumonia (infantile) • Pre-menstrual syndrome • Post-surgical pain • Post-surgical recovery • Postsurgical recovery • Post-surgical recovery • Prostate gland (hyperplasia) • Sexual dysfunction (male impotence) • Sinusitis • Urinary tract infection • Urinary tract stones • Uroshesis
Clinical Trials of Reflexology
  • Acne • Alzheimer’s • Biofeedback assessment • Birthing • Birthing • Birthing • Cancer (Alleviation of pain and anxiety) • Cancer (patient support) • Cancer (hospice / palliative care) • Cervical spondylosis • Chest pain • Diagnosis • Dysmenorrhea • Dysmenorrhea • Employee sick days • Employee reflexology • Employee reflexology • Employee reflexology • Employee reflexology • Encopresis (fecal incontinence) • Epilepsy • Headaches • Infertility • Lumbar (prolapse of) • Mental health • Nervous exhaustion • Pain
  • Pain (Shoulder) • Stroke • Toothache • Urinary tract (stones)
  • Medical Applications of Reflexology
New Reflexology Use in Hospitals New Reflexology Use in Birthing
Reflexology Use by Dentists New Reflexology Use in a Mental Health Facility New Reflexology Use in Hospice Care
VI. Bibliography of Reflexology Research
VII. “An Exploration of the Clinical Indicators Clinical Application to 8,096 Cases (63 disorders)
Table 1: Therapeutic Effect Analysis of 8096 Cases (By Alphabetical Order)
Table 2: Analysis by Order of Overall Effectiveness New Table 3: Analysis by Order of Percentage of Significantly Effectiveness

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